Business forum in Kazakhstan

Companies from North Macedonia participated in a business forum in Kazakhstan to initiate and broaden business co-operation

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan 05-06 September 2022

Representatives of twenty Macedonian and thirty Kazakh companies participated in the First Business Forum organized by the Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia in R. Kazakhstan and the company Matrona Cons, which took place in Almaty on September 5 and 6, 2022. Representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Ministries of Economy of both countries, as well as some of the Chambers of Commerce, took an active part in it.

The purpose of this business event was to create a favorable environment for co-operation and exchange of experiences and ideas to ensure business conditions that will bring the two countries and their enterprises to a higher level of cooperation.

The business forum was specially designed with B2B meetings to provide effective information to legal entities about opportunities for cooperation and establishing connections between companies, as well as between representatives of public administration and enterprises. The forum was attended by more than 80 people, including representatives of the governments of the two countries, members of the chambers of commerce and business representatives of the participating countries from promising industries such as the agricultural sector, pharmaceutical products, electricity production, infrastructure, franchise, oil and gas, distribution (import-export of products) and tourism.

The companies had the opportunity to have business meetings with potential partners from Kazakhstan and discuss potential collaborations in the future.“Kazakhstan is one of the leading countries in Central Asia. The Kazakh business community has many years of experience in the field of trade and cooperation at the international level. North Macedonia also has great opportunities and a favorable location, and we can become one of the steps for Kazakhstan to develop business in Europe. We had the opportunity to offer Kazakh businesses to start production in any area of ​​North Macedonia. If they want to be represented on the European market, then North Macedonia is the right place.

This forum is a significant step in deepening any mutually beneficial cooperation that serves the main interests of both sides, and the common unshakable goal will be to direct relentless efforts and commitments for new, more significant progress in the relations between the two countries, establishing principles, guidelines, and frameworks for action. The solid contractual framework, excellent mutual understanding and common interests are the starting point for serious study of the potential for building wider economic partnerships and deepening practical cooperation”, said Ambassador Sali Limani.

“In a small market economy like ours, international trade is very important. Our country benefits from an increase in GDP, capital inflow, increase in employment, while companies have the opportunity for higher sales, increased stability and productivity, improved competitiveness, and innovation. We have quality domestic companies with excellent products and services. The process of internationalization is complex and requires many skills and expertise. Such forums are extremely effective in finding partners, new distributors in new markets. That is why it is an honor and a challenge for us to support the companies and participate in the organization of this business forum” – said Tanja Evrosimovska, founder of Matrona Cons and Export Academy.The action plan 2021-2023 for economic cooperation signed between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the RSM Bujar Osmani and his counterpart, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, Mukhtar Tilleuberdi, is being implemented – the Director of the Directorate for Economic and public diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Igor Popov.

In October, the first session of the mixed commission for trade and economic cooperation is expected to be held, which will be co-chaired by the Minister of Economy of the RSM, Mr. Kreshnik Bekteshi and his counterpart, the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Alibek Kuantirov, at which several memoranda will be signed, said Mrs. Razmena Cekic Durovic, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy of the RSM.

Considering the recent events with the energy crisis in the world, more specifically in Europe and the Balkans alternative opportunities are being sought. Because Kazakhstan is one of the largest producers and distributors of energy resources, we see great potential for cooperation and hope to achieve significant progress in our cooperation, said the director of National Energy Resources (NER) Mr. Bajram Redzepi.


Comments about the event from some of the companies that were present at the event in Kazakhstan:

Thank you very much for the wonderful organization and dedicated time regarding our visit. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to get to know the various businesses that Kazakhstan offers for cooperation of many kinds. This visit is very significant for all of us who are in the business sphere and we hope for even greater cooperation, Dzevdet Braimi, Trokadero.

Many thanks to Ambassador Sali and Minister Plenipotentiary Betty for their commitment and excellent organization of the event. Our complementarity of companies with different professions and co-workers of different ages has shown that it is possible to successfully cooperate and make friends, Gjorgji Goshev, Construction Institute MACEDONIA AD Skopje.

Dear Ambassador/Minister Plenipotentiary, I would like to thank you because I really feel the need to. You once again confirmed to us that teamwork is a drive for a better tomorrow. Having someone to share your knowledge and experience with and having someone to receive even more from is truly invaluable. Thank you and all of you for every word in this race against time, it was an honor! Simona Nikolova, Technoguma Shtip.

Thanks for the warm welcome, the excellent organization of the whole event, you made us feel at home. Greetings to the whole team, I was glad to meet you and to be friends with you these few days, Aleksandar Lazarevski, Rade Konchar – kontraktori i relei.

Many thanks to the ambassador and the whole team, from the moment we arrived until we left, we had a wonderful time with you, very well organized, I am glad to have met all the participants of this trip and I hope for many more meetings and friendships, Risto Gozev, Flores DOO.


Your Excellency, respected ambassador Mr. Limani. On behalf of myself and SKSZM, I thank you for organizing the Business Forum between North Macedonia and Kazakhstan and for your commitment and for the exceptional hospitality of Mrs. Korunovska. This hospitality is an example of how our country’s diplomacy should work in promoting state values. I am convinced that a person like you will break all boundaries towards success, Nebi Hoxha, President of the Chamber of Commerce of North-West Macedonia.