World trade has been facing a new challenge in the past period, and the global pandemic additionally reflects on the operations of export-oriented companies, disrupting the annual plans of companies and the presence in third markets.

Under difficult conditions, companies were forced to think unconventionally and apply new technologies to secure their market position, ensure a smooth flow of regular activities and thus create opportunities for new partnerships and appearances in new markets. The companies are constantly facing new challenges, especially the export-oriented companies whose placement on the foreign markets was directly conditioned by the new situation.

“Matrona Cons” – exclusive representative of “RGX” – global leader in cross-border cooperation of SMEs, in cooperation with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, for the first time in front of the Macedonian companies organized an online seminar with top experts, who shared the world experiences for creating an export strategy of the companies.

At this “Online” seminar, Macedonian companies had the opportunity to hear the lecture of Josep Bertrán, international expert and professor of international marketing at the University of Barcelona and Tara Sullivan, communication consultant of the Argentine Promotion Agency of Foreign Investments and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the lecture, the experts gave an answer to the Macedonian companies on how to find new markets and how to attract new customers during the new normal; what are the changes in the logistics for delivery and distribution in the EU and what should Macedonian companies do to successfully export.

Experiences were also mentioned on how to look for new suppliers and what are the criteria for their selection, as well as the impact of exporters’ websites and many other recommendations for Macedonian exporters based on the behavior of US exporters.

RGX is a global leader in cross-border SME cooperation with offices in 53 countries and offices in Florida, France, China and Argentina. Since 2000, RGX has assisted more than 188,000 SMEs in their internationalization process and collaborated with more than 700 chambers of commerce, associations and governments in designing and implementing foreign trade promotion projects. RGX, with its experience, works with many multinational companies such as American Airlines, American Express, Cisco, DHL, Dell, Fedex, Google, Mastercard, Microsoft, Visa, UPS, etc. (

The event was sponsored by KUEHNE + NAGEL, a global transport and logistics company.